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Visual Changes Skin Care International, Inc.® was launched in the fall of 1997 to provide you with excellent unsurpassed product technology by masterfully blending the best scientific ingredients with the finest, purest natural ingredients to produce unparalleled visual results for a youthful, healthy, beautiful complexion.

Our exceptionally unique, results-driven, corrective skin care products and treatment systems are essential for delivering the very best care possible for a variety of skin conditions, including aging, acne, rosacea, environmental damage, and hyperpigmentation as well as other skin conditions.

During the research and development process, our product formulator focused on the skin as a living, vital organ and therefore expertly created all of our exceptional skin care formulations to repair or replace damaged and dysfunctional skin cells and thereby increasing skin cells functionality to…

  • Correct skin challenges
  • Protect, repair, and stimulate essential proteins
    such as collagen and elastin for the resurrection,
    maintenance, and longevity of youthful skin
  • Guarantee cell nutrition to ensure optimum skin
    health and vitality, while stimulating the skin’s own
    repair mechanisms to achieve phenomenal results.

Today Visual Changes® is a recognized international leader in producing the most advanced, results-producing, corrective skin care products. As an innovator in unsurpassed product technology and outstanding product formulations, we are dedicated to constant and never-ending improvement to always bring you the very best in the skin care industry. Our goal is to empower you to achieve exceptional results and unprecedented levels of success in your quest for superb skin care. We strive for your complete satisfaction.

Your trusted leader for the most advanced, results-producing, health conscious skin care,

Visual Changes Skin Care International, Inc.®



Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We strive for constant and never-ending improvement. We are dedicated to health, youth, and beauty. We help you make every day an Outstanding Skin Day.

Some of our greatest joys in life are creating and sharing our world leading skin care products and advanced educational programs in the field of Aesthetics. Our superior skin care products and advanced education empower our customers and our TEAM by expanding boundaries of self-image and broadening possibilities for individual achievement.

Our philosophy about life reaches much deeper than skin. We believe that there is nothing more exciting and meaningful than the human soul with a sincere passion for God. We have a TEAM concept, Together Everyone Achieves More, and we welcome you to our TEAM.

Lori Pope-Smith,
President and Founder
and the entire Visual Changes® TEAM


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